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Magicians on the TONIGHT SHOW

These magicians all appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

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Johnny Carson loved magic- he was an accomplished magician himself. As one of the most powerful people in television, Johnny Carson gave a tremendous boost to the popularity of magic by often featuring a magician on his program. In fact, for several years running, Johnny Carson's New Year's Eve show featured Lance Burton.

Mark Wilson

  • Don Alan
  • Michael Ammar
  • Harry Anderson
  • Carl Ballantine
  • Harry Blackstone Jr.
  • Walter Blaney
  • Johnathon Neal Brown
  • Lance Burton
  • Carazini
  • Dick Cavett
  • David Copperfield
  • Dean Dill
  • Joseph Gabriel
  • Uri Geller
  • Paul Gertner
  • Brian Gillis
  • Goldfinger and Dove
  • Albert Goshman
  • Jimmy Grippo
  • Johnny Hart
  • Pat Hazell
  • Doug Henning
  • Ricky Jay
  • Kreskin (more appearances than any other single guest)
  • Harry Lorayne
  • Steve Martin
  • Chris Michaels
  • Scot Morris
  • Penn and Teller
  • James Randi
  • Randall Richman
  • Marvyn Roy
  • Shimada
  • Michael Skinner
  • Orson Welles
  • Mark Wilson