Deluxe Magicians Mentalism Wallet
Cleverly read a secret message or switch an item!

Deluxe Magicians Mentalism Wallet


Secretly read a message! PLUS switch items too!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Two wallets in one!


This DELUXE leather wallet works in multiple ways!

Is mindreading REAL?
Your spectators will BELIEVE after you perform this incredible effect on them!
The basic mindreading effect goes like this:
Let your spectator write ANYTHING on an ordinary business card.
His initials, a message, a simple drawing- ANYTHING.
Though the card is placed into a wallet, which is instantly closed and placed into your pocket, you will always know exactly what was written on the card.

But unlike the traditional X-wallets commonly used for this purpose, the Magicians Mentalism Wallet has a smoother turnaround method that will fool even those who think they "know" how it works.
They don't!

The Magicians Mentalism Wallet is so cleverly constructed, your spectator will never catch on to the secret workings of this great utility device.

And since it is also a nice, compact, credit card size, you can easily carry it with you in your pocket, ready for a performance anytime.
Quality construction- made of real black leather.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Magicians Mentalism Wallet
  • printed instructions

You supply the ordinary business card.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Peter Monticup says:
The Magicians Mindreader Wallet is not only a truly deceptive (but easy to use) mentalism wallet, but it's also a terrific switching wallet!
I keep it with me in my pocket so I'm ready to do a mindreading effect, if the occasion comes up.
But I can also switch a dollar bill for a five, for example, if I'm ready to pay a cashier or something.
Also, the wallet is an easy way to take someone's business card and switch it for MY business card- great way to make them remember your name.

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