Magic History 101: Thayer Card Spider

Posted by Peter Monticup on 6/11/2020 to Magic History 101

The Card Spider is a rare prop, a prize in my vintage and antique magic collection.
Originally made by Thayer Magic around 1935, there is also later version made by Owen Magic.

The effect is clever, and a bit eerie.
The spectator selects a card, the card is lost in the deck, and then the spider web is spun quickly.
Visibly, the chosen card slowly appears in the web, right between the spider's claws.

Like many pieces of magic that are nearly 100 years old, my spider is too fragile to operate.
So we'll just have to enjoy looking at it, and marveling at the creative mind who came up with this one!


Date 7/15/2020
Trey Paterson
I love this. I think I might try to build or rig up something similar for Halloween shows. Thank you for sharing.

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