Sideshow Steve and I reminisce about visiting the famous New York City magic shops back in the 1970s.

Steve and I both grew up in New York, and though we never crossed paths then, we often visited the same well-known magic shops.
After filming demo videos the other day, we got talking about what it was like to go to our favorite shops back then.
Some funny stories about Flosso's, Tannens, Russ Delmar's shop and all the famous magic personalities we saw...


Joe Attanasio

Date 10/13/2020

The nature of our work and its location (NJ, 20 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel) allowed a colleague/friend of mine and I , both magic hobbyists, to visit Tannen's during the afternoon a couple of times a month. We went to see new magic, to watch professional magicians who visited the shop do tricks, and to buy magic for ourselves whenever our budgets allowed. I remember how friendly Lou, the demonstrators, and the other magicians were. And yes, there was the occasional obnoxious person, much like the man in Peter's Scotch and Soda story. On some Saturdays, this same friend and I would spend time in the NJ magic shop of "Professor" Ted Collins. My friend actually demonstrated tricks behind the counter (although a hobbyist, he was an excellent and outstanding magician). I, being much less talented, would just enjoy the magic being done. Ted was an extremely nice person and a gifted performer. His shop was absolute fun to be in.

Len Squires

Date 10/13/2020 4:52:22 PM

Thanks, Those stories were great. Growing up in Rochester N.Y. I took a magic class in the 1980's taught by "Ballad the Great" at the Rochester Museum and Science Center , saw David Copperfield that year, joined S.A.M and got to meet a Senior magician named Norm Sehm from SAM. I'd visit his house and his basement to me was like the magic Shop Steve talked about... All kinds of magic from years earlier. He was that "old style" magician but found it hard to perform because unfortunately his health was beginning to fail. I had my own magic shop briefly in 1990 but I ended up moving and losing touch with SAM and the magicians I'd known who use to stop in.

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