86 DISCONTINUED Chrome Magic Writer Pen
Push a chrome pen through paper without leaving a hole!

86 DISCONTINUED Chrome Magic Writer Pen


Push a chrome pen through paper without leaving a hole!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Write through!


A handsome executive-style chrome pen that can be pushed through objects without leaving a hole!
This pen can be pushed through a bill, a business card- even a coin!

What makes this pen different?
Well, the spectator can actually use the pen first to sign the borrowed bill!
And at the end, there is nothing to steal away- it's a clean finish!

A must-have trick for the corporate magician!

We also sell a less expensive version of this effect called the Mystery Pen Thru Bill, which is similar, but has a slightly different ending move.
The Chrome Writer Pen is also more expensive looking, and therefore makes a very nice gift.

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Chrome Writer Pen
  • printed instructions

You supply the ordinary bill (it's most effective if you borrow it)

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Since this pen actually writes, you can use this as your regular pen. How startling to first use the pen to write an order, or sign a document, then push the pen through the paper without leaving a hole.
You can push this pen through anything that is thin and flat. You can use money, your business card, a piece of paper or document, a paper menu at a restaurant- use your imagination!

Customer Reviews

This effect can be purchased in the form of a beautiful, stylish capped business pen, or you can purchase another, less expensive version, appearing as a long, sleek, black-plastic capped pen. Both pens utilize about 98% to 99% similarity of form, function, effect and routine, The benefits of the Chrome Writer are its offering a classy image with a sleek, beautiful, shiny metalic appearance and its obvious, better-quality, manufacturing -- built for greater impression and quality performance. As Peter says, the effect ends clean and can be immediately reset promptly, with ease, for the next spectator. A magician of well-practiced skill can repeat this effect without detection. I would go so far to say that this pen is examinable, but that depends on how much you trust audience behavior. If you want a pen with an image, then I highly recommend this pen over the black-plastic versions, but both have their place. I would use the black-plastic version at school or in casual clothes, and save the more elegant pen for those special occasions at a dinner table, business meeting, street, small stage or (as an) impromptu effect. Another great asset of either version of each pen is their portability -- the Chrome Writer being a little shorter to fit business shirts. Careful, though, the cap on my pen attaches loosely and might disconnect, so use care and check yours, often. Maybe you can get creative and think of a way to keep the cap on more snuggly, such as with a little double-sided tape. Perhaps this chrome pen is better used in a dress-coat interior pocket. In my opinion, this pen is definitely worth the extra few dollars of investment. This effect and routine have a solid reputation among magicians and are often used, professionally, so don't do as I have done and underestimate this effect!!! I learned my lesson and now keep this trick in my daily magic bag!!! Easy to do, but simplicity doesn't mean the shock value isn't there!!! Get yours, today, but carefully guard the secret!!! It'll pay off for you and stun your spectators!!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TX . on 9/17/2015
better pen
Like this, but its a little pricey because it does the same thing that the Perfect Penetration does. but it is a more expensive looking pen, thats for sure. So maybe worth the extra if you want a better looking pen.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TN. on 7/29/2015

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