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Magical world record holding magicians and their amazing feats, as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records

LeGrand David Poster

Highest Paid Magical Performer
David Copperfield
Oldest Magic Club
Society of American Magicians
Founded on May 10, 1902
Largest Magic Club
International Magicians Society
Founded in NYC in 1968, it has over 23,000 members
Fastest Magician
Eldon D. Wigton ("Dr. Eldoonie")
Performed 225 different tricks in 2 minutes in Kilbourne, OH on April 21, 1991
Longest Running Magic Show
Le Grand David (Cabot St Theater, Beverly, MA)
Still running, this show has had over 2,000 performances, starting on Feb. 20, 1977
Longest Running TV Magic Program
Magicland (WMC-TV, Memphis TN)
Broadcast more than 1,200 episodes between January 1966 and January 1989. Hosted by Dick "Mr. Magic" Williams
Most Rabbits Pulled Out of a Hat
Walter Rolfo and Piero Ustignani (aka Jabba)
300 rabbits in 30 minutes, May 17, 2008 at the Magic Congress in Aosta, Italy
Largest Card Fan
Ralf Laue
Held 326 standard playing cards in a fan in one hand, so that the value and color of each one was visible, in Leipzig, Germany, on March 18, 1994
Largest Jumbo Card Production
Naipes Heraclio Fournier
Produced 150 packs of jumbo playing cards, each card measuring 37in x 26.5 in. Vitoria, Spain, on October 29, 1998
Farthest Card Toss
Rick Smith
Threw a standard playing card 216 feet, 4 inches at Cleveland State Convocation Center, Cleveland OH on March 21, 2002
Strongest Magician
Ken Simmons
Can bench press over 500 lbs.
Largest Handcuff Colection
Chris Gower (Dorset, England)
Collection of more than 530 pairs
Youngest First Place FISM Winner
Thomas Meier
Won the close-up contest in 1997, at age 19
Tallest House of Cards
Bryan Berg
Built a card house 120 stories high (each story being the length of one card) in Las Vegas
Longest Memorized Card Sequence
Dominic O' Brien
Memorized with a single sighting a random sequence of 40 separate decks of cards (2080 cards in all) that had been shuffled together, with only one mistake, at the BBC studios, Elstree, England on November 26, 1993
Longest Memorized Card Sequence- US Record
Frost McKee
Memorized with a single sighting a random sequence of 36 separate decks of cards (1872 cards in all) that had been shuffled together, with only eight mistakes, at the Ramada Inn, Georgetown, TX on October 17-18, 1992
Fastest Deck Memorization
Tom Groves
Memorized the order of single deck of cards in 42.01 seconds, Jesus College, Cambridge, England, On November 3rd, 1994
Most Expensive Deck of Cards
The highest price paid for a deck of cards is $143,352 purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City at Sotheby's in London, on December 6, 1983. The cards, circa 1470-85, are believed to be the oldest known complete hand-painted deck.
Most Expensive Single Playing Card
The highest price paid for a single card is $7450 for a card dated 1717, which was used as currency in Canada. It was sold by dealer Yasha Beresiner to Lars Karlson (Sweden) in October 1990.