DISCONTINUED Magic Set- The Instant Magician
Instantly perform lots of easy tricks right out of your pocket!

DISCONTINUED Magic Set- The Instant Magician


Instantly perform lots of easy tricks right out of your pocket!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

A fanstastic deluxe magic set!


THE INSTANT MAGICIAN is a fantastic assortment of easy to learn magic tricks that are ideal for the beginning magician as well as the experienced prestidigitator.
Plus this set includes a terrific DVD of TRICKS WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS!
You can now do magic anytime, anywhere- with items you'll find in any house, office or classroom!

Imagine pushing a pencil right through a dollar bill- without leaving a hole?
Or doing some impossible magic with a regular piece of rope?
How about making quarter after quarter appear on an empty paddle?
Or making a wooden match float up above a playing card?
Or- read their minds!

Of course, there is lots of card magic here, too!
Not only does this set include the Svengali trick deck that lets you instantly do dozens of great tricks, but how about performing the classic con artist Two Card Monte?

Also included is a sensational DVD!
Learn how to do tricks with ordinary objects anytime, anywhere!
They will always ask you to do a trick, and now you'll ALWAYS be ready!

Really amazing magic tricks, yet so easy once you know the secrets!

This assortment will provide hours and hours of entertainment when it is first opened, and a lifetime of enjoyment!

The tricks are absolutely astounding, easy to learn, and best of all- you SAVE MONEY!
The items in this assortment sell separately for over $61.00- you save A LOT!

This assortment comes packed in one big red box, all ready for gift-giving!
Inside, each trick is in its own separate package, with its own printed instructions!

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • MAGIC WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS DVD: Learn great tricks you can do anytime, anywhere, with ordinary objects!
  • Mystery Pen: Push a pen through a dollar bill- without leaving a hole!
  • Professor's Nightmare:Three different sized ropes become all the same size in your hand!
  • Dice Tunnel: Make an ordinary die flip over inside a narrow tunnel!
  • Crazy Cube: Read their minds- always know what number they picked!
  • Split Ends Rope: Your rope has four ends- and instantly ties itself into three knots!
  • Floating Match: Make a wooden match float up over a playing card!
  • Quarter Paddle: Produce real quarters from an empty paddle!
  • Magic Dots Paddle: Make all different color dots change to the same color!
  • Svengali Deck: Do dozens of tricks with this popular trick deck!
  • Calculator Cards: Know instantly which number your spectator thought of!
  • Jumbo Clipped Card: Your spectator can never clip the RED suit card!
  • Two Card Monte: The classic con artist card game!
  • Magic and Party Stunts Booklet: Dozens of easy tricks you can do- with items you have in the house or office!
Comes packed in a bright red box.
Each trick is individually packaged with its own instructions.

Tips & Ideas

We designed OUR OWN boxed magic kits!

Why? Because the magic sets you find in the toy stores were designed by toy makers, not magicians.
Toy store sets are disappointing, filled with tricks that are too difficult, too flimsy, or just plain awful.
So we came up with our own EXCLUSIVE kits, made with some of the most popular tricks we carry.
These sets are ONLY available at MagicTricks.com!
The tricks are EASY yet amazing, even for beginners.
They all have simple instructions, too!
They even come packed in a bright red bag, ready for gift giving!

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