Magic Set- Abracadabra!
Perform lots of easy but amazing tricks- perfect for the young magician!

Magic Set- Abracadabra!


Contains 20 tricks! Great for young magicians!


Ages 7 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

FOR AGES 7 and UP - young magicians to adults!


Brand new kit for 2020 Holiday Season!
A $45 value- available ONLY at!

See below for a list of all the tricks included.
Then click on the blue DEMO to watch a video of owner Peter Monticup performing that trick.

You can easily see what you'll be getting!
A printed guide with the page URLS for each trick's demo video is packed with the set, too!
Whoever gets the kit will also be able to watch every trick performed!

The ABRACADABRA Magic Kit is a wonderful assortment of EASY TO LEARN magic tricks.
Nothing is more fun than watching a child perform simple magic tricks!

We make our OWN magic sets!
Each set is made up of an assortment of the tricks we sell in our shop.
The tricks come straight off our shelves and into a bright red box ready for gift giving.
You'd pay over $45 if you bought these tricks individually!

The owner of has operated magic shops since 1971- he knows magic!
Peter selected each trick, choosing the EASIEST and MOST ENTERTAINING effects.
The assortment will give you hours and hours of fun!

The instructions are easy to follow.
And some tricks have additional ONLINE instruction videos!
A printed guide is included in the box, with links to all videos.

If any trick is temporarily out of stock, another trick of equal or greater value will be substituted in its place.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get in the ABRACADABRA set:

  • Bandit Ball*: SEE THE DEMO
    Ball appears in a clear closed box- and then escapes from the box!
  • Crazy Cube: SEE THE DEMO
    Instantly reveal the secretly selected number!
  • Dream Queen: SEE THE DEMO
    The chosen Queen has a different color back!
  • one Fortune Fish: SEE THE DEMO
    Little red fish squirms, rolls and jumps in your hand!
  • Donkey Puzzle: SEE THE DEMO
    Figure this one out!
  • Multiplying Coin Tray: SEE THE DEMO
    Multiply your money- right into their hand!
  • Ring and Coin Illusion: SEE THE DEMO
    Make a coin magically vanish before their eyes!
  • Silly Spinner: SEE THE DEMO
    Watch the spinner reverse direction- by itself!
  • Spiked Coin: SEE THE DEMO
    Push eight solid spikes right through a coin!
  • Animal Hunter: SEE THE DEMO
    Correctly name the secretly selected animal!
  • Clipped Card: SEE THE DEMO
    Your spectator can never clip the RED suit card!
  • Zippy Coins*: SEE THE DEMO
    Push a pencil through three real quarters!
  • Tree Of Diamonds: SEE THE DEMO
    Three of Diamonds becomes a TREE of Diamonds!
  • Dipply Dice: SEE THE DEMO
    Black dots turn to red dots!
  • Color It*: SEE THE DEMO
    Picture colors itself!
  • Snapper*: SEE THE DEMO
    Catch the band in the Snapper- but your spectator can't!
  • Spring and Ring Puzzle*: SEE THE DEMO
    Easily remove the ring from the spring- yet they can't do it!
  • Two Keys Puzzle: SEE THE DEMO
    Try to take the keys apart and put them back together!
  • Two Card Monte: SEE THE DEMO
    You will ALWAYS win this one!
  • Party Magic Book: SEE THE DESCRIPTION
    Dozens of easy and amazing tricks with ordinary things like coins, rope and rubber bands!

Tricks marked with a * come with an additional ONLINE VIDEO instruction!

If any trick is temporarily out of stock, another trick of equal or greater value will be substituted in its place.

Tips & Ideas

Why we designed OUR OWN boxed magic kits:

Why? Because the magic sets you find in the toy stores were designed by toy makers, not magicians.
Toy store sets are disappointing, filled with tricks that may look great in the photo on the box cover, but in reality are too difficult, too flimsy, or just plain awful.
So we came up with our own EXCLUSIVE kits, made with some of the most popular tricks we carry.
These sets are ONLY available at!
The tricks are EASY yet amazing, even for beginners.
They all have simple instructions, too!
They even come packed in a bright red box or a shiny bag, ready for gift giving!

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Q: I would like to buy a kit for my 10 years old neice. Since she doesn't know any magic tricks I thought to start with abracadabra kit. But I wonder if tricks form this kit will be too easy for a 10 years old kid? Thanks, Nikolay
Asked by: Nikolay - 6/21/2015
A: This kit would be perfect for your niece. The tricks are very easy to learn and handle, but they are pretty darn impressive as well! She will get instant satisfaction, plus she will get a kick out of fooling her uncle. :-) Answer provided by: (6/21/2015)
Q: I am teaching magic classes at a summer camp Im looking to order 25-30 magic kits. What sort of deal can you offer me? Thanks, Don
Asked by: Don - 6/8/2015
A: Call us at 540-832-0900 and speak with Peter Monticup directly. He'll be happy to make you a great deal on a quantity purchase. Answer provided by: (6/8/2015)

Customer Reviews

i bought this set for my son and now he is doing tons of amazing tricks great set to buy
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from FL . on 6/29/2015
Bought as a gift for my grandson. I think I got a bigger kick out of watching him do the tricks. It seemed like he could do the tricks as soon as he opened the box. I also liked the box itself. Very magical looking. He was very good about putting the magic back in the box when he was done too. I am happy with the product and the shipping was very fast too. I would recommend to my friends.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NM. on 5/15/2015
I got this set for my 8 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She loved it. She was able to figure out how to do the tricks all by herself very quickly. I liked that it came with a magic wand and a box to keep everything in. I would definitely recommend this magic set.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NJ. on 12/30/2014

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