Vintage Magic Hands Super Champagne *PREOWNED*

Vintage Magic Hands Super Champagne *PREOWNED*


Pour different color liquids from a single bottle, then produce dry silks!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1



This is the original 1978 Magic Hands Super Champagne (Supersekt), highly sought after by collectors.
We could not find another currently for sale on the Internet.
The last one we found sold for $200, though it was complete with food coloring bottles, a set of silks and a set of spring flowers.

Manfred Thumm of the now-defunct Magic Hands magic company made an excellent line of effects based around Champagne bottles.
This particular effect is similar to the Magic Tea Kettle trick, but using a Champagne bottle instead of a kettle.

First you open a champagne bottle with a loud “pop” and pour a glass full of the golden liquid.
Immediately you reach into the neck of the bottle and pull out a completely dry yellow silk.
You repeat this effect three more times, each time pouring a different colored liquid from the bottle followed with a silk of that same color.
After the production of the fourth silk, you wrap the bottle in an ordinary sheet of newspaper.
You break the paper open and immediately reveal that the bottle has disappeared!
And you are now holding two beautiful spring flower bouquets!

CONDITION: very good, but not complete.
The important part, the gimmicked bottle, is in gently used condition.
The stopper is included and is in very good condition also.

Does NOT include food coloring, silks or spring flowers.
These items are readily available- get food coloring at your supermarket, and get the silks and flowers from (see below).
You will also need to supply four ordinary glasses.

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Magic Hands Super Champagne
  • printed instructions

Bottle and stopper only.
Please see condition information and photos above.

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