SOLD Magic Grab Bag #10 Including Feather Flowers *PREOWNED*
Crazy assortment of unusual magic tricks and props!

SOLD Magic Grab Bag #10 Including Feather Flowers *PREOWNED*


Useful assortment of unusual magic tricks and props!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2



A real bargain for the magician who likes to fool around with a variety of tricks!
This grab bag has some real treasures, including some brand new in their original boxes.
And several of these items haven't been available for many years!
From the estate collection of an amateur magician who took really good care of his props!


  • Nine Fingertip Feather Flowers
    made of dyed feathers on individual metal stems
    use for fingertip manipulation or as a production item from a pan or change bag
    NO instructions
    gently used- like new
  • This Is Another One trick
    vanishing silk effect with the punchline "This Is Another One" printed on the silk
    printed instructions
    new in original sealed box
  • Card Suits Mystic Eye decal
    large 6" diameter
    NO instructions
    new- on original backing
  • In-N-Outer Box
    Two boxes fit inside each other
    printed instructions
    brand new in box
  • Cloth Egg Bag with Rubber Egg
    Egg can be made to repeatedly appear and vanish
    NO instructions
    okay condition- bag shows some stains and wear, white egg is pretty rough
    would be good for practice
  • Marked Card Deck
    Bridge size cards with coded marks built into the back design
    These are challenging to read!
    printed instructions
    box was opened, but cards are excellent condition

Red closeup mat in the photo is NOT INCLUDED.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • the assortment of magic tricks shown in the product photo

CONDITION: all are used items- see large photo and descriptions
Red closeup mat is NOT INCLUDED.

Rewards Points

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