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Mabel Brown

Wife and Partner of Del Adelphia

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  • ?-1914
  • Real Name: Mabel Hardy Brown
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Wife and partner of Del Adelphia, Mabel was not only a skilled magician herself, but was also incredibly beautiful. Taking her cue from the famous dancer Little Egypt, Mabel used her striking good looks and theatrical charm as an effective method of misdirection, allowing her husband to perform such effects as the Vanishing Birdcage with ease.

Grief stricken when Mabel died in 1914, Adelphia continued to half-heartedly perform the show with his brother and a friend for three years until his own death in 1917.

Mabel and her husband had three children, a daughter and two sons, none of whom went into show business.