SOLD Lucky Strike Pack Production - VINTAGE

SOLD Lucky Strike Pack Production - VINTAGE


The brand featured in the Madmen pilot episode!





Hard to find VINTAGE COLLECTIBLE magic prop!

Attention fans of Mad Men!
The first episode of this popular TV series featured the true story of the development of the Lucky Strike cigarette ad campaign!
This is a vintage magic prop that looks exactly like an ACTUAL vintage Lucky Strike pack label!

Long off the market, the Lucky Strike Cigarette Pack production is one of those great magic effects that was very popular a few decades ago, but is very hard to come by today.
If you've heard of this effect, and you've always wanted one, here is your chance to own this great trick- at a BARGAIN price!

The effect is based on the same magic principle used for a Flowers From Fingertips effect.
The clip protruding from the back of the pack is what the magician uses to grip the pack.
When the grip is secretly held between two fingers, the pack can be hidden behind the hand, and revealed when the hand is curled into a fist.
If the performer lowers the pack into a hat, making it look like the pack was dropped out of sight into the hat, the movement can be repeated over and over.
This hand movement makes it look like pack after pack is being produced.

CONDITION: used, shows age wear and discoloration.

Made to look exactly like a real cigarette pack label.

Click to see a larger photo of the front of the pack.

Click to see a larger photo of the back of the pack.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Lucky Strike Cigarette Pack Production
  • printed instructions

CONDITION: used, shows age wear and discoloration.

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