Lucky 7 Flower Bouquet
Instantly produce a big colorful bouquet of 7 flower blooms!

Lucky 7 Flower Bouquet


Instantly produce a big colorful bouquet of 7 flower blooms!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Instant magic! Easy and very showy!



This is a BIG and COLORFUL flower bouquet that you can use over and over!
AND it is an easy-to-handle length- PERFECT even for children to use!

AUTOMATIC- so this is perfect for a dance recital, talent show or theatrical production!

Easier than you can imagine, you can instantly pull this bouquet of flowers from your sleeve!
Or produce the bouquet from inside a rolled up newspaper, from inside an "empty" box (like a Square Circle), from underneath a cloth- you decide!

The working couldn't be easier.
The flowers are designed to compress into a narrow area, so they can easily be hidden in a tightly rolled newspaper, inside a closed umbrella, or even up your sleeve.
Once released, the blossoms instantly spread out into an impressive size bouquet.
The effect is very magical- where did such a large bunch of flowers come from??

The bouquet is made of heavy duty cloth flowers on a metal stem.
Each blossom is about 4" in diameter.
Bouquet is about 10" high.

With a convenient pull ring built into the flower stem, this bouquet of blooms is designed for years of trouble free use!

Each bouquet is made of an assortment of colors.
Colors may vary from bouquet to bouquet (bouquets may be slightly different from each other).
The bouquet you get may be slightly different than the ones in the photo or video.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • one Multicolor cloth Flower Bouquet (7 blossoms)
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!
You supply your own trick or routine to make the flowers appear.

Tips & Ideas

How To Load the Bouquet Into Your Sleeve:

Performance Ideas:

For a dance recital, you could pack a number of these bouquets into a vase or container made to look like a vase. Pack them compressed, with just the stems sticking up. As each dancer passes the vase, s/he only has to pull a stem by the ring and POP! A flower bouquet appears. One by one, the dancers easily produce their bouquets, until all of them are holding a bunch of flowers. Very colorful! The stem and ring makes the bouquet easy to hold while dancing.
Wonderful way to add color to your show- and make it look bigger! Produce the bouquet at the start of your show, and leave it out on a side table throughout the show. Looks great!
Propose with style! Attach the engagement ring to the center of the bouquet. Produce the bouquet- and there is the ring!

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