OSR Lotto Square
Their Lucky Scratch ticket matches the selected playing card!

OSR Lotto Square


Your spectator's Lucky Scratch ticket matches the number on the selected playing card!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

It's no gamble!

Stunning mentalism effect! Everyone loves to be a winner, and this great effect combines a terrific card prediction with a lotto scratch-off ticket!

Here's the effect: You start with a deck of cards and a pile of unscratched Lotto tickets on the table. Your spectator names a card in the deck, for example, the Eight of Hearts. You spread the deck of cards and show that all the cards have numbers written on them, and all are different.

Next, you spread the cards face-up and pull out the Eight of Hearts. On the back of that card is the number 36.

You give your spectator one of the LOTTO scratch cards from the table and the spectator chooses ANY row horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. He picks a row and scratches but... unfortunately, none of the numbers revealed is a 36.

However, you point out that if the numbers in the scratched row are added up, they total 36!

And what is more amazing, the spectator scratches the remaining spaces on the card and ALL rows in ALL directions total the number 36! In fact, there are more than 30 different ways to total 36!

You will receive 60 special lotto tickets (so you can perform it 60 times) and an instruction book with many tips and ideas on how to present this effect.

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