Linking Silks Tube
Make three silks connect together inside a clear tube!

Linking Silks Tube


Make three silks link themselves together inside a clear tube! NEW METHOD


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Colorful mystery- and quick! Easy to handle size uses a different method!

Imagine being able to connect silks together- in midair!

Just place three separate and different colored silks into this tube.
Blow through the tube- the silks come out connected to each other!

Very flashy, very quick, very easy and a great effect that can be seen at a distance.

This clever version of the Crystal Tube uses a different method- no bands needed!

We carry both versions of this great trick.
Both versions use three silks and a tube, and both appear to connect the silks in midair just by blowing them through the tube.
Here are the differences:

Linking Silks Tube- the tube is smaller (5.5" long) and the silks are smaller (6" diagonal).
The silks are made of 100% silk.
Linking Silks Tube needs nothing additional- no bands are required.

Crystal Tube- the tube is larger (10" long) and the silks are larger (9" diagonal).
The silks are made of a silk blend.
The Crystal Tube uses bands which are included and are replaceable.

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