Linking Rings- 5inch Set of 4
Easily link and unlink small solid metal rings!

Linking Rings- 5inch Set of 4


Easily link and unlink small solid metal rings!


Ages 10 and up   Level 3

Demo Video

Finally- a portable set of FOUR Rings!


Many Linking Rings routines need only FOUR rings!
Why cart around extra rings if you don't need them?
Perfect for restaurant workers!

The Linking Rings is by far the most requested effect we carry!
Not only is it a very popular part of most professional magicians' acts, it is a fascinating effect to watch.
(To be honest, some customers purchase this set so they can perform the trick for their audiences, but some customers purchase the trick because they just HAVE to know how it's done!!!)

And please note that this is a PORTABLE SET of 4 rings!
The rings are metal, and are about 5" in diameter.

This is a great size for small hands, and excellent for the closeup magician as well!
The 5" size means they are lightweight and easily held by children, but make no mistake- this is a nicely made set, perfect for tucking into a closeup case if you are a restaurant worker or strolling magician.

This set comes with basic instructions.
You'll learn the secret of making the rings link and unlink, plus a basic routine of some linking moves you can do.

More Video

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • 5" Linking Rings set (four rings)
  • basic printed instructions

Rings are 5" diameter. Solid metal. Set of FOUR.
Instructions are very basic.
There are a number of books and DVDs available with more routines.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

You are welcome to learn and use this routine in your own act!

The routine shown uses a full set of 8 rings, but you can certainly get ideas for this 4 Ring set!

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