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Lieutenant Albini

Magician With a Military Touch

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  • 1851-1930
  • Real Name: Frederick Ewing Baxter
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: England
  • Buried: ?

Lieutenant Albini was a successful stage illusionist in England from about 1880 until his retirement in 1915.

Having served in the miltary several years earlier, Lieut. Albini performed in military regalia, though modified a bit to avoid problems with the British government.

He quickly achieved success, becoming popular enough to attract an imitator. In the mid-1880's, magician Abraham Lasky took the stage name "Albini" to capitalize on Baxter's hard-won fame. Though Baxter had many friends in show business who agreed with his complaint against Lasky, and though he did get Lasky to agree in writing to change his name to "Alvene", Lasky continued to perform as "Albini" and was able to become even more famous than Baxter.

The struggle between the two magicians over the name seemed to end in 1913, when Lasky died. However, Baxter never regained his position as the "original Albini", and he retired in frustration in 1915.


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