Lewis Cone - PREOWNED
Vanish, produce, or change silks!

Lewis Cone - PREOWNED


Vanish, produce, or change silks!




Clever and useful effect for silk workers!

This is the popular design sold at Tannen's in NYC in the 1980s, and has been off the market for many years.
If you always wanted a really easy silk or card production/exchange prop- this is it!
And remember- we only have this ONE!

The Lewis-Cone is a four sided cone that will vanish, produce, or change silk handkerchiefs or other flat items.
Open it out flat and show that both sides are empty- yet in reality a large load of silks, or ribbons, are hidden in the load chamber.
Then, when the Lewis-Cone is formed into a cone shape, the load chamber automatically opens up inside and lets you remove lots of silks and or cards- from a seemingly flat and empty panel!

This item comes from the collection of a professional magician who used this item very gently, and took great care of his props!

CONDITION: very good.
Made of heavyweight paper.
Original instructions.

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