Latex Dove - PREOWNED
Classic substitute for the real thing!

Latex Dove - PREOWNED


Classic substitute for the real thing!




Great assortment- you'll never be without a thumb tip again!
TWENTY FIVE different tips for a BARGAIN price!

From the estate collection of an amateur magician who took really good care of his props!
In this case, he sure used the heck out of this dove, though!

Rubber doves are a great substitute for the magician who wants to use a dove in a magic effect, but doesn't want the trouble of using an actual live animal.
Latex doves make great production props also- pull this dove out of a hat, or out of a really small box!
Even take the dove out of your pocket!
Here is your chance to get a useable rubber dove at a BARGAIN price!

CONDITION: fair- definitely used, but still flexible
This dove shows signs of wear- please look at the photo

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