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These tricks are NEW IN PACKAGE.

We usually only have ONE OR TWO EACH of these items!
If we can't or won't restock a trick, we'll sell the last of what we still have in stock right here.
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A picure changes right in front of your eyes!
Includes a lot of great card routines from the card masters!
Vanished silk reappears in capped Snapple bottle! Ickle Pickle aluminum tube!
Ropes, Linking Rings, cards and even the Vanishing Birdcage!
Collection of 52 card effects from JINX magazine!
Expert routines for keeping children interested and entertained!
The secret workings, plus 32 different monte routines!
Collection of classic effects from The New Jinx magazine!
Well, can you?? Try the puzzle yourself and see!
Easy cover cloth! Easy tabletop cover! Rugged production scarf!
Clever mentalism from the master!
Great manual of Cups and Balls routines and ideas!
Like mentalism? Like card magic! Here you go!
Dozens of ideas for the Dove Pan- without using doves!
Some classic Harry Lorayne clever card routines!
The best of Jon Racherbaumer's M.U.M. column!
Considered to be the bible of Dove Magic!
Some advanced card material for the not-so-advanced magician!
Fun at the dinner table- or at your next show!
Learn the most useful sleights in card magic!
Perform incredible card tricks with no sleight of hand necessary!
Magically transport the selected card to the top of the deck!
Over 20 of the best sucker bets ever!
Is it YOURS or is it MINE? Rapid fire card change!
Changes from one card into another- piece by piece!
Change a silk into a brown egg- complete with dripping yolk!
Magic bowls multiply rice, then pour water!
Popular effect made more vibrant- cups are bright primary colors!
Vanish the full bottle of sports drink!
Appear to slice a big knife deep into your arm!
Learn the secret undetectable card sleights used by pro gambling cheats!
Can YOU improve your card skills? Yes- it's EASY!
Make a playing card fly away and return, plus learn bonus card sleights!

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