Krazy Blox - Wood
Wood version of the legendary tumbling blocks magic trick and puzzle!

Krazy Blox - Wood


Wood version of the legendary tumbling blocks magic trick and puzzle!


Ages 7 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

An irresistible kinetic illusion!


KRAZY BLOX is a clever puzzle and self-working magic illusion.
It is the WOOD version of Jacob's Ladder!

Uses a scientific principle- perfect for classroom use!

Probably invented in the Middle Ages, this legendary puzzle toy does some pretty weird things!

Great optical illusion!

  • Watch the blocks cascade down the strings!
  • Separate the blocks at BOTH ends- though they are still attached!

Great creative toy!
The instructions show you how to move and separate the blocks to create shapes like the Star, the Snake, and the Alphabet.

Great magic trick!
Place a coin or a bill under the strap on a block.
Close the stack, then let the stack open- the money is GONE!
Close and reopen the stack again- the money is BACK!

Great teaching tool!
Demonstrate the wonder of a kinetic illusion, where the blocks seem to be changing position when they are not.

KRAZY BLOX is made of vibrantly painted wood blocks held together by strapping.
The set is sturdy, made to stand up to repeated use.
And it WILL be used over and over and over!
It's fascinating!

This effect is also known as Jacob's Ladder, Magic Tablets, Chinese Blocks, and Klick Klack.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Krazy Blox
  • printed instructions

You supply an ordinary coin or dollar bill if you want to do a money vanishing trick.
Otherwise- this is all you need!

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