Knockout Deck
Amaze your spectators with these color changing, order changing cards!

Knockout Deck


Amaze your spectators with these color changing, order changing cards!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Color changing, order changing cards! And easy to do!

Just imagine this: Take out a deck of cards with Blue backs.
Spread them out to show that all of the cards are different.
Now, let your spectator randomly select a card in the middle of the deck, without you seeing what that card is.
With a snap, that card magically jumps to the top of the deck!

BUT WAIT! You spread the cards again-
and the entire deck is now the same as the spectator’s card!

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! This trick is called KNOCKOUT for a reason!
Turn the cards around and spread them again-
all the cards now have RED backs! Wow!

The manufacturer used to provide the instructions for this trick on a DVD.
The entire contents of the original instruction DVD is now ONLINE.
The manufacturer now provides all of the instructions for this trick via both printed instructions PLUS an ONLINE VIDEO.
The link to the video is printed on the product packaging.

Special thanks to our good friend, magician GREBO (Jim Oberg) for demonstrating this trick with us!

Fair and Festival Magician
Lives Up To It's Name - Could Also Be Called Total Mind Blower!!! The effect is fantastic! Show a normal blue back deck, all normal faces, spectator freely chooses a card, now every card is their chosen card, and what's more, all the backs have turned red! Comes complete with a DVD with sample pattern and routine by Ben Salinas (an Awesome Card Magician!!!). I developed my own routine which I call The Two Magicians. I show the deck with the two Jokers, one on top, the other on the bottom. I refer to the two Jokers as the two Magicians who will do the trick, and I explain that I am merely their assistant. Then I show the deck is normal, face and back, have the spectator choose a card, then I remove the top Joker (card backs to Spectators) put him up to my ear, and say I see, so you know the card chosen and you've done a trick with it? I then ask the spectator Would you like to see the trick the first Joker did? When they agree I show all the cards have turned to their chosen card. But wait! What about the second Joker? I pull the second Joker off the bottom of the deck, put him up to my ear and ask And what trick have you done? Oh, I see! I then ask the spectator, Would you like to see the second Joker did? When they say Yes! , I turn the deck over and ribbon spread the cards to show all the backs have changed to red! A great effect, a great deck of cards - A True Knockout!!!
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