SOLD Knit Balls Assortment *PREOWNED*

SOLD Knit Balls Assortment *PREOWNED*


15 assorted balls made for Combo Cups and Balls sets!





Extra knit balls for your Combo Cups and Balls set!
This is an assortment of 15 handmade balls, some gimmicked (shimmed) and some regular.
From the estate collection of an amateur magician who took really good care of his props!

Use these with your CUPS AND BALLS set.
Do all the many regular Cups and Balls routines with these balls.
Make balls appear, vanish, change places AND CHANGE COLOR under the cups.

Use these with your CHOP CUP set.
You can also do all the many regular Chop Cup routines, because three of these balls have a metal shim inside.

Use these with your COMBO set.
Do Cups and Balls routines with the added advantage that some of the balls are gimmicked with a shim.

CONDITION: gently used

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • six large red balls (ungimmicked)
  • two large blue balls (ungimmicked)
  • one large green ball (ungimmicked)
  • one large white ball (ungimmicked)
  • two small red balls (ungimmicked)
  • one shimmed white ball
  • one shimmed green ball
  • one shimmed blue ball
  • NO instructions

CONDITION: gently used

Balls are all handmade, so sizes and shapes vary slightly.
Large balls are APPROXIMATELY 1" diameter size.
Small balls are APPROXIMATELY 0.75" diameter size.

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