Knife Thru Arm - Surrounded
Appear to slice a butcher knife deep into your arm!

Knife Thru Arm - Surrounded


Appear to slice a big knife deep into your arm!


Age Adults   Level 2

Easy sideshow style magic!

Gruesomely amusing!

This special prop allows you to create the illusion that you have hacked deep into your forearm with a large knife.
And this NEW IMPROVED version can be performed surrounded!
Both sides of the handle look the same- there is no exposed slider!

You also have the option of having blood drip from the wound.

We recommend using this as a "comedy" prop, played for the dark humor.
It's also an excellent stage prop for theatrical plays and productions, because it's VERY easy to use and can easily be seen from a distance.

Heavy, quality manufactured prop knife has a wood handle and chromed blade.
Does NOT come with stage blood.

Not suitable for children!

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