Who is Klek Entos?

He is the eerie masked magician who made several appearances on this season's America's Got Talent, scaring and entertaining both the judges and the audience.
Actually, Klek Entos is the alter ego of a well known closeup magician.
Now we are not the ones giving away any secrets here-
He actually UNMASKED HIMSELF on television!

Originally a contestant on the French version of AGT, this talented magician appeared as himself in 2018, then as "Klek Entos" in 2020.
It was during his 2020 performance that he unmasked himself to the delight of the French audience, who knew him well.
This year, he was invited by AGT to perform for America.

Read all about this talented performer here.


Mr. G.

Date 8/31/2021

Lou Conti

Date 9/3/2021

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