Kids Card
Show off a photo of your "kids"!

Kids Card


Novelty card- show off a photo of your "kids"!


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Are you a jokester? This is for you!

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This is fun! Ask "Would you like to see a picture of my kids?"- and show them this photo! Very corny, and very funny- you'll be amazed at the reaction that this gets! People love it!

Use it as a giveaway at your next show, or use it as an icebreaker at a party or business meeting. Best of all, use it as your business card- they won't throw this away!

Legendary comedian Henny Youngman created this card in the early 1900s. He was a printer, and used this clever card as his own business card. People enjoyed the humor so much that it launched his long and successful career.

Great card to carry in your pocket. Full color photo on glossy card stock. Baseball card size.

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History and Trivia:

Legendary comedian Henny Youngman was the comic genius behind these cards.
Early in his career, he owned a small print shop in New York City and began printing humorous cards to use as promotional giveaways. His "Pride and Joy" card and "Kids" card were the most memorable, and he used both as business cards throughout his long career.
He was not the first to do so, however. His friend Milton Berle had seen the powerful marketing potential of funny cards, and was the first to give such cards away to his fans after his show. As Henny Youngman's career took off, he began to use the cards that so well matched his brand of humor, printing his actual address and phone number on the back so he could be easily booked for a show. He used the cards right up until his death at age 91 in 1998.
The products shown on the card are (were) popular consumer products found in many homes, and were therefore very familiar to anyone looking at the card. PRIDE was a liquid wax product made by the S.C. Johnson Company, which today makes products like GLADE, PLEDGE, RAID, SCRUBBING BUBBLES, SHOUT and WINDEX. JOY is a brand of liquid dishwashing detergent, still sold by Procter and Gamble.

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