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Kia Khan Khruse

Needle Swallower

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Kia Khan Khruse performed with the Ramo Samee Juggling Troupe in the early 1800's, eventually succeeding Ramo Samee as the star of the group.

Billed as the "Chief of the Indian Jugglers", his act featured juggling, contortion stunts and balancing feats as well as magic. According to his handbills, he juggled swords, rings, balls, knives, handkerchiefs, ladders and money. He sometimes performed while blindfolded.

Though it has been reported elsewhere that he was one of the victims of the notorious Bullet Catch trick, that information is incorrect. A 1932 London newspaper clip mentions the death of "the leading performer of the Indian Jugglers" by carriage acccident.

In the world of magic, Khruse is credited with introducing the Needle Swallowing Trick in 1818, a favorite effect that Houdini used throughout his career.


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