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Kay Gawle

Female Mentalist

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  • ?-?
  • Real Name: Kay Gawle
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Buried: ?

Kay Gawle and her husband, Walter, were concessions operators on a number of fairs during the 1940's.

While Walter usually worked as a grounds electrician, Kay would run the various concessions, including cotton candy and a rifle range.

Always looking for a new angle, Kay Gawle briefly had a solo mindreading act during the WWII years.

From the March 6, 1943 Billboard: "Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Gawle will not return to the road this season but will remain in St. Louis for the duration. Gawle is doing civil-service work in Illinois, while Mrs. Gawle is presenting her mentalist act at nightclubs."


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