86 DISCONTINUED Jumbo Transpo Tube
Change one item into another- instant and easy!

86 DISCONTINUED Jumbo Transpo Tube


Change one item into another- instant and easy!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Quick and easy! NO SKILL!


Clever secret makes it simple to change one item into another!

If you can hold this jar in your hands, you can do the trick!

Simply place any item that fits into the jar.
Twist the cap onto the jar, give it a toss in the air (or behind your back)- and PRESTO!
When you open the jar again, the item has changed to SOMETHING ELSE!

Here are some ideas:

  • Change a BLUE SILK into BLUE LIQUID!
  • Change CONFETTI into a bouquet of SPRING FLOWERS!
  • Change some single SILKS into one giant SILK STREAMER!
  • Change a cup of SUGAR into a pile of CANDY!
  • Change a handful of COFFEE BEANS into LIQUID COFFEE!
  • And lots more- the ideas are endless!

If it fits in the jar, you can use it!
And YES- this holds liquid!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Jumbo Transpo Tube
  • printed instructions

You supply the silks, sponges, flowers or other items to be produced.

Transpo Tube is made of plastic. About 8" high, 3" in diameter.

May be packaged as JUMBO TRANSPO TUBE or MIDAS POT.
This is the same trick with different packaging.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Use the Transpo Tube to produce candy at a party. Use a cup or two of sugar mixed with colorful confetti poured into the jar. Cover it, the sugar is gone- and the Tube is filled with colorful candies like Skittles or M&Ms.
Load a set of Spring Flowers into the Vase. When you pull the flowers out of the Tube, they will pop open to a huge size, making it a mystery as to how such a big bunch of flowers came out of a narrow tube.

Learn How To Load Your Silks

When you produce your silks, you want them to "pop" up out of the production box or change bag like a Kleenex, so you can grab the next one easily, quickly and smoothly.
Here is a FREE lesson to teach you Monticup's personal technique for correctly loading your silks so that it works every time!

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