Juggling Scarves
Set of three colorful and lightweight juggling scarves!

Juggling Scarves


Learn to juggle with this set of three colorful and lightweight juggling scarves!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Learn to juggle the EASIEST WAY!

Lightweight scarves float gently, making tossing, tracking, and catching easy! These brightly colored 18" nylon scarves are just about the easiest objects to help you learn basic juggling skills. And they are LOTS of fun- no matter what your age or experience level!

Scarf juggling helps improve your upper body movement, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, balancing and catching, too.

If you are an experienced juggler, scarves offer an easier way to learn new more complicated moves. The slow, gentle fall of scarves can become a "moving meditation".

This is a set of three scarves: one pink, one blue, and one yellow. Nylon, hand washable, 18" x 18".

This set comes with BASIC instructions on how to juggle three scarves. For more instruction, please see the Juggling DVD.

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