Force Deck- One Way JOKERS
Force deck of all JOKERS! Utility deck with many uses!

Force Deck- One Way JOKERS


Force deck of all JOKERS! Utility deck with many uses!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

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Card force, single card utility pack- whatever you need!

All the cards in this deck are Jokers.
What would you use this deck for?
Use them as a Force Deck to force the Joker!
Or use this deck as a supply of individual Joker cards to use in your card routines.
Or use them as part of an Ambitious Card routine, like Monticup does in the demo video.
The Ambitious Card routine is not included, but you can purchase the Ambitious Card Routine on DVD from

Need an EASY and FOOLPROOF way to force a card?
Don't have time to learn the skill required to do it?
This One Way Force Deck is your answer!

"Forcing a card" is the skill of making your spectator think he has a free choice in choosing a card from the deck, when in reality you have secretly made him choose a particular specific card.
Many, many card tricks depend on the spectator choosing the right card.
You can either spend many hours learning this skill, or you can INSTANTLY have this skill by using this special deck!

This gimmicked deck lets you force a card with absolutely no skill necessary!
The secret? One Way Deck means that all the cards are the same,.
In this case, all the cards are Jokers!
When you have him choose a card from the deck, he really only has one choice- but he doesn't know that!
So you will "force" him to choose the Joker- thus the name Force Deck.

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