Here's a terrific short film featuring the legendary John Scarne.

John Scarne (March 4, 1903 – July 7, 1985) was an American magician and author who was exceptionally skilled at playing card manipulation.
He was widely considered to be the foremost expert on card gambling, and authored a number of popular books explaining the techniques used by gamblers, both honest and crooked.
He also appeared in numerous television programs and short films, showing his skills and demonstrating gambling sleights.
In fact, he served as a technical advisor in the 1973 movie The Sting, and doubled for actor Paul Newman's hands during the scenes that involved card manipulations and deck switching.
Scarne also authored numerous books on gambling and gambling methods, most of which are still in print today.

Of course, John Scarne was also an enthusiastic and accomplished magician.
Here's a clip from the 1939 movie Dark Magic, where Scarne appears as Mr. Calypso, the magic demonstrator, and demonstrates his version of the Cut and Restored Rope.
"Joseph A. Doakes (Robert Benchley) goes into a toy shop looking for a gift for his 12-year-old son, and the clerk shows him a box of magic tricks. After a store employee demonstrates several of them, Doakes purchases the box - as well as a larger, more advanced set - and starts demonstrating them for his son, who has low expectations for this display and is totally bored. For some unknown reason, the tricks worked better in the store than they do at home, even though instructions are included. When one trick actually works, Doakes is pleasantly startled by the outcome. In the final trick, Doakes makes himself disappear. Where he ends up after the trick is over must remain a mystery until you see this short film."
Unfortunately, this short film does not seem to be available on the Internet for viewing. But at least we can enjoy this clip!

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