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Rainbow Loom Fishtail Twist Pattern

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We don't sell the Rainbow Loom- so why are we offering you these Rainbow Loom patterns and instructions?
Like learning magic tricks, rubberband weaving develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Both are creative and fun activities!
And as you can see- it's not just for kids!
Please enjoy making these designs, just like we did. Here are ideas and all the how-to information you need!
And if you want to shop for magic tricks and party favors while you're here- that would be just fine with us! :-)

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Rainbow Loom Turquoise Teal White Fishtail Twist Bracelet
example of Fishtail Twist pattern
Band colors used: turquoise, teal, white
About This Pattern
The Fishtail Twist is simply a regular Fishtail bracelet that has been twisted before attaching the ends with the C-clip. This makes the bracelet look more like a rope, and gives it more texture.
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Here's what you'll need:
Where do I get this stuff?
  • Rainbow Loom and tool
  • selection of rubber bands
  • C clip or jump ring
Tips and Tricks
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Here's a clear instruction video we found on YouTube from AshleySteph:

Tips and Tricks
We are a magic shop- so "Tips and TRICKS" is pretty funny, don't you think? :-)
  • Twisting the Bracelet
    The easiest and safest way to twist the bracelet without losing loops is to fasten the C-clip to one end, and put the handle of your hook through the other end. Hold the C-clipped end tight and stationary with your left hand, and twist the hook and bracelet with your right hand. Give it a few turns, but not so many that the bracelet kinks up. Clip the loops on the hook to the C-clip to fasten the bracelet together.

  • Choosing Colors
    If you want to make your design look more grownup and sophisticated, choose more muted and darker colors.

  • Choosing Rubber Bands
    Pick through the rubber bands you will be using for your design. The bands are NOT exactly the same! Make sure to only use the thicker bands- the thinner bands will break (if not as you are making the bracelet, then later as you are wearing it).

  • C Clip or Jump Ring?
    The plastic C clip that comes with each bag of rubber bands is great because it's easy to use, it's practically invisible in the design, and it is not metal (for those who are allergic to metal jewelry). A jump ring is great because it's much sturdier and will hold up under rougher wearing conditions- say, if you get the bracelet caught on something. The jump ring will hold, the C clip will probably snap. Also the jump ring has a more finished and sophisticated appearance; the C clip is plastic, after all.

  • Don't Twist!
    It is really important that the rubber bands are placed around the Rainbow Loom pegs without any twist in them. Otherwise, the twisted band will stick out in the design, making the bracelet look sloppy. If it is hard for you to get the bands on the pegs without twisting them, then use the hook tool to straighten the band once it's on the pegs. Simply put the hook on the inside of the band, and gently run the hook around the inside of the band, like you are stirring a cup of coffee. The band will untwist for you. Be careful not to pull upwards and pull the band off the pegs while you are stirring.

  • Keep the Bands From Popping Off the Pegs
    First- slow down! Second, your fingers are actually your most useful tools. As you are working, use your fingers to hold the other bands on the pegs as you are stretching and looping the bottom band in each step.

  • Complete the Loop
    As you make each loop, make sure to complete it. That means make sure to pull it enough so that the part of the rubber band that's looping around other rubber bands actually forms a V shape. If you leave it as a U shape, it's not pulled enough, and you'll have to do a lot of fussing with the finished bracelet to get the bands to lay the way you want them to.

  • Smooth Out the Bracelet
    After you finish your bracelet, it will probably look a little lumpy because you need to straighten and even out the loops. It's easy!. Starting next to the C-clip, gently stretch the bracelet. Pinch with your left hand, and with your right hand, stretch the bracelet in a stroking motion. Repeat along the entire length of the bracelet. If there are still some lumpy spots, try pinching them to make them lie down. If you see any twisted bands, use your hook to straighten them. Insert the hook into the twisted loop, and gently run the hook along the inside of the loop. It will usually cause the band to flip and untwist itself.

  • Caring for the Rubber Bands
    Rubber bands dry out. To make your loose bands stay stretchy for as long as possible, STORE THEM IN THE REFRIGERATOR. Not in the freezer, though- frozen bands become brittle. In our magic shop, we sell rubber bands for coin tricks, and this is what really works to keep those bands fresh. You could also store your finished bracelets in the refrigerator. You'll have your friends talking about you for sure! :-)

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