Fishtail Patterns

Most Popular Magic Tricks
Most Popular Magic Tricks

Rainbow Loom Fishtail Patterns

We are White, a division of
We make unique jewelry for magicians and magicians assistants

We don't sell the Rainbow Loom- so why are we offering you these Rainbow Loom patterns and instructions?
Like learning magic tricks, rubberband weaving develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Both are creative and fun activities!
And as you can see- it's not just for kids!
Please enjoy making these designs, just like we did. Here are ideas and all the how-to information you need!
And if you want to shop for magic tricks and party favors while you're here- that would be just fine with us! :-)

Click to see ALL the different kids of Rainbow Loom Patterns we've made!

Click to learn how to make your own Fishtail bracelet

Rainbow Loom Neon Green and Black Fishtail Bracelet
Band colors: black, neon green
Rainbow Loom Black Caramel Maroon Bracelet
Band colors: black, caramel, maroon
Rainbow Loom Neon Green Turquoise Lime Bracelet
Band colors: neon green, turquoise, lime
Rainbow Loom Black Gray Red Bracelet
Band colors: black, gray, red

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