Tuxedo Bunny Earrings
Chubby and dapper bunny in a tuxedo!

Tuxedo Bunny Earrings


Chubby and cute rabbits in tuxedos!



So cute!


Nothing says MAGIC like a rabbit in a tuxedo!

And how cute are these!
This pair of tiny bunnies are made of hand-painted ceramic.
Look at the sweet expression!
To protect sensitive ears, the ear wires on these are sterling silver!

What You Get

The Details:

Each pair of earrings comes in a cotton-lined jewelry box.

  • Tuxedo bunny charms are made of handpainted ceramic
    (so no two will be EXACTLY the same- they are not machine made!)
  • Charms are about 0.75" tall
  • Ear hooks on earrings are sterling silver

As you can tell by the price, these are not "fine jewelry", but they are fun!

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