Monster Eyes Earrings
Ward off evil spirits with your own personal gargoyles!

Monster Eyes Earrings


Keep your "eye" on them!



Very unique and - "eyecatching"!


If you don't have eyes in the back of your head, at least have eyes dangling from your ears!

These will be sure to get attention!
A very striking and vibrant blue-green color, these lizard-like eyes will make a fashion statement for sure!

PLEASE NOTE: These earrings have stainless steel LEVER BACKS as ear hooks.
See the third product photo for a closeup of what a lever back looks like.

If you have never used one, just pull gently on the hook and it will open up like an arm,
Put the hook part through your ear, and close the arm back up.
The benefit of the lever back is that it cannot slip out of your ear, so the earring is very secure.

And by the way, any white areas in the eye in the photo are reflections from the lighting.

What You Get

The Details:

Each pair of earrings comes in a cotton-lined jewelry box.

  • Monster Eyes charms are made of a photo under glass, mounted on a metal backing
  • Charms are about 0.5" diameter
  • Ear hooks on earrings are stainless steel (NOT sterling!)
  • Ear hooks on earrings are LEVER BACKS (see product photo for closeup)

As you can tell by the price, these are not "fine jewelry", but they are fun!

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