Spade Pip Cuff Links
Eyecatching spade pip graphic with glass top!

Spade Pip Cuff Links


Striking spade graphic cufflinks bring sophistication!



Lucky magic cufflinks!


Eyecatching for sure!

These cufflinks display a solid black spade against a bright white background.
Perfect for making any cuffed shirt look so sophisticated!
The glass dome over the top of the cufflink really sets it off, and gives it a luxurious shine!

Completely made of metal and glass- no plastic.

By the way, both "cuff link" and "cufflink" are correct. :-)

These cuff links are made with a bronze color metal, as shown in the product photo.

What You Get

The Details:

Each pair of cufflinks comes in a cotton-lined jewelry box.

  • Cuff links are made of metal and glass
  • Tops of cuff links are about 0.5" wide
  • Stem is bronze color swing-arm style
  • The lines on the spade in the photo are a reflection- spade is solid black against solid white background

As you can tell by the price, these are not "fine jewelry", but they are fun!

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