Gemstone Bracelets- Choose Yours
Which gemstone will you choose? This is GOLDSTONE

Gemstone Bracelets- Choose Yours


Which gemstone suits your personality?



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Choose your gemstone:
Jet Obsidian
Moss Agate
Planet Quartz
Jasper and Plum Quartz

Which stone is for you?


You'll love wearing any of these dramatic bracelets around your wrist!
Each bracelet is made of "healing gemstones", thought by some to have beneficial effects.
We just know they look fabulous!

Each bracelet is designed by combining 17 princess diamond cut stones with 34 round stones, nested together for a comfortable and durable fit.
The diamond cut stones measure 0.75" x 0.50" each.
The round stones measure 6mm in diameter.
The stones have been polished to perfection, and feel luxuriously smooth against your skin!

The bracelet is on a double strand of elastic, and will fit wrists from 7" to 8.5".

Choose your personal stone!

  • Goldstone: attract wealth and happiness
  • Jet Obsidian: be invisible to negativity
  • Jet Obsidian: attract abundance
  • Planet Quartz: clearly see your chosen path
  • Caramel Jasper and Plum Quartz: improve engergy and vitality

The first stone used for ornamental purposes was probably a smooth colored river rock, spotted before a hunter successfully captured his dinner.
The hunter then carried that pretty river stone with him as his lucky hunting stone.
Stones have been used as talismans and amulets throughout history.
From little river stones to huge stones, such as at Stonehenge, stones of all sizes and types have been called "the bones of Mother Earth".

Each bracelet was individually handcrafted by jewelry artist Jackie Monticup of White Rabbit Jewelry here in Virginia, and is her own unique creation.
And she only made a few! When we sell out, they're GONE!

Disclaimer: The information about the purported powers of this gemstone is provided for entertainment purposes only.
We are revealing the legends surrounding these stones' mystical and healing properties, purely for your enjoyment.
No claims are made or to be inferred here about the legitimacy of any medical, physical, spiritual or psychological benefits associated with this item.

What You Get

The Details:

  • Each bracelet is made of genuine stone
  • Each bracelet is strung on elastic to fit most wrist sizes

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