Jewelbox Prediction
The spectator's selected color jewel appears inside a drawer!

Jewelbox Prediction


The spectator's selected color jewel matches your prediction- every time!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

A GEM of a trick!

No matter which gem they choose, that color gem correctly matches your prediction!

The routine is fast and easy:
Show your spectator a handsome wooden box.
When you open the box, he can see six compartments inside.
In each compartment is a large jewel of a different color.
Let your spectator choose ANY one of the six gems, and let him secretly remove it from the box and hold it in his hand.
Explain to the spectator that you KNEW which jewel he would choose- can you can prove it.
Let the spectator place his chosen gem on the table in full view.
Then point out that the box has a drawer.
Invite the spectator to open the drawer and remove the contents.
Inside the drawer is- a gem of the SAME COLOR that he chose!

This one is VERY easy- it works every time!
It does not matter which gem is chosen!

If you can open the lid on the box, you can do this incredible trick!

And if you are a collector of great magic, this looks FANTASTIC displayed on your magic shelf, too!

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