Jardine Ellis Ring + BOOKLET
The original legendary Ring On Stick and Ring On Rope!

Jardine Ellis Ring + BOOKLET


The original legendary Ring On Wand and Ring On Rope!
Comes with booklet of effects!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

What's old is new again!


Definitely NOT your everyday closeup effect!

The Jardine Ellis Ring was a classic magic prop that was a favorite of professional magicians for many years.
Unfortunately, it went off the market some years back.
We found a small supply tucked away in a warehouse!
Grab yours now, because when they are gone- they are GONE!

What does the Jardine Ellis Ring do?
The Jardine Ellis Ring (named after the inventor, Jardine Ellis) is a metal ring that can be made to penetrate a wand, a pencil, a ruler or a piece of rope which is held on both ends by a spectator.
It is Solid Thru Solid done closeup!

Jardine Ellis (Duncan Lome Campbell) was a creative early 20th century British magician who billed himself as 'The Globe Trotting Magician" because of his worldwide travels.
He was constantly looking for different ways to incorporate ordinary objects into his act.
The prop that secured his spot in magic history, the Jardine Ellis Ring, is a uniquely gimmicked "ordinary object".

This Jardine Ellis Ring comes complete with the inventor's booklet of instructions, tips and routines.
You are sure to find a routine that is perfect for YOUR closeup act!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Jardine Ellis Ring
  • booklet of printed instructions and routines

You supply ordinary rope, or an ordinary wand, etc.

Ring is made of metal.

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