SOLD Jardine Ellis English Penny Set *PREOWNED*

SOLD Jardine Ellis English Penny Set *PREOWNED*


Real English Pennies turned intoa Jardine Ellis Ring!





RARE Jardine Ellis Ring- made from real English Pennies!
We could not find another for sale on the Internet, even in past records.

The Jardine Ellis Ring is a terrific trick on its own great trick on its own, but what makes this one really unique is that it was made using real English Pennies.

What exactly is a Jardine Ellis Ring?
Well, since this item does not come with instructions, you kind of have to know how to use it already.
Basically, the Jardine Ellis Ring (named after the inventor, Jardine Ellis) is a ring that can be made to penetrate a wand, a pencil, a ruler or a piece of rope which is held on both ends by a spectator.
We sell a regular Jardine Ellis Ring and instruction booklet here.

This item comes from the collection of a professional magician who used this coin set very gently, and took great care of his props!

CONDITION: This coin set is in excellent but circulated condition.
And if you like pennies that are shinier, you can always polish this up!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Jardine Ellis English Penny set
  • NO instructions

CONDITION: This coin set is in used, circulated condition.
Please see photos.

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