HELLO 2022!
What a way to start the new year!
Socked with 14 inches of snow and a 24-hour power outage, MagicTricks.com is back!

We will be shipping as quickly as we can.
Please know that our warehouse (and house) are at the end of a 1,000 foot driveway that is not passable by car yet.

You'd think we could just ABRACADABRA and make the snow vanish!

The storm started in the early hours of January 3 (yesterday), with huge globs of snow falling from the sky.
For hours and hours.
By the time the snow stopped in midafternoon, we saw 14 inches of the heavy wet stuff.
The snow was so heavy that it easily took down power lines, crushed most of our 75-year-old boxwoods, ripped branches off every tree on the property, and totally blocked both our driveway and Columbia Road.
The power went out at 10 am, and that included the heat.
The day was cloudy and cold, so the heavy snow didn't really melt much.
When the sun went down, we had to get out the kerosene lamps and the generator.
It was like pioneer days. :-)
A neighbor came to check on us at 7 pm, and he took our gas can to get us more gas for the generator.
There was one station open, and the line was FOUR HOURS long!
When he returned, we lent him our second generator to bring to someone who didn't have one.
And then we hunkered down with our four pups under plenty of blankets.
The temperature got down to the 40s inside the house- brrrrrrr!

We got a pleasant surprise when our power was restored at 10am this morning.
We have a fabulous electric company who is working feverishly to fix the power for its rural customers like us.
It seems impossible that they would be able to get to the downed lines out in the country, but they do it.
So with the power restored, we checked the computers and all was well, except for the one secondary order processing computer, which we can find a way to do without until it is repaired.

This morning Peter spent a few hours trying to get the downed branches moved to the side of the driveway in case of emergency.
We will definitely need some help in cleaning up this mess.

Peter took his phone to film a trip down the driveway so you could see this sight!
And yes, that's Dirk you see plowing his driveway across the road at the end of the video!



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