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"The Goddess of Magic"

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Ionia Poster

Ionia Poster

  • 1886-1973
  • Real Name: Clementine DeVere
  • Birthday: December 20
  • Birthplace: Belgium
  • Buried: Batinolles Cemetery, Paris, France

Belgian-born Clementine De Vere was the daughter of magicians Charles De Vere and his wife Julia ("Okita").

She had seven siblings, including her older sister Elise, who became a famous actress and eventually married American millionaire and theater empresario Frank J. Godsol.

In show business from the time she was an infant, she clearly was meant for an independant life.
At the age of 15, she married a circus performer and animal trainer named Herman Wirtheim. She joined his show and worked with him for several years. They had a son, Frank, in 1904.

By 1906, Clementine appeared to have launched her own career. In 1906, she was on the cover of an international French magazine called, “La Vie Heureuse.” And in 1908, she was performing a double act with "Miss Elsa" from Australia. Their animal act even featured a dancing elephant.

When Charles De Vere closed his magic shop in 1909, it gave him time and energy to pour into creating a magic extravaganza for his daughter. With the backing of her father, in 1910 he built a huge and successful show featuring Clementine as "Ionia, the Goddess of Mystery", or "The Enchantress".

The show was lavish, with tons of magical equipment and sets, and elaborate Egyptian costumes for Clementine and her female asistants.

Meanwhile, her husband was separately persuing his own career in theater management. They were divorced in 1917.

In October 1913, Clementine gave her last magical performances in Berlin, Germany. In the following year, she went to Russia with Prince Vladimir Eristavi-Tchitcherine. They would eventually marry in 1919. Though they divorced in October 1928, Clementine used the title of “Princess” for the rest of her life.

While living in Russia, Clementine made a number of huge investments in both real estate and luxury goods. The investments were most likely made on behalf of her brother-in-law, Frank Godsol, who may have had an eye on expanding his theater empire in Russia.

Shortly after the start of the Russian Revolution, Clementine moved to Paris. By doing so, the investments in Russia were lost.

In Paris, Clementine opened a successful Russian-themed restaurant in the heart of the city called Oussadba, which she operated for the next 12 years.

After, she retired to a comfortable home in Paris. In 1955, she moved to a gorgeous villa on the French Riviera, where she remained until her death in 1973.


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