DISCONTINUED Instant Fortune Teller
Answer their secret questions!

DISCONTINUED Instant Fortune Teller


Answer their secret questions! Read Tarot cards with no skill!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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The power of your mind!


This one is a LOT of fun! Use it as a magic trick, use it as a mindreading trick- use it as a fun party game!

Imagine being able to look like you can give a Tarot Card reading, without having any psychic ability, or any magical skills at all!

The basic idea is this: Give your spectator a written list of 60 numbered questions, and ask him to choose a question (and its corresponding number) and concentrate on it.
Next, the spectator chooses several Tarot cards which are spread out for you to "read".

And here's where the fun really begins.
As the performer, you have a choice on how to do this effect.
If you are presenting it as a magic trick, you can simply reveal which question the spectator chose, as "You chose question 4".

If you are presenting this as a mindreading effect, you can say, "I see you chose Question 3" or "I see you chose the question about whether you will get a raise at work".
You can also take more time in revealing the result, by saying "I get the impression that you are concerned about money, about your job.
Did you choose the question about getting a raise at work?"

Of course, another way to do this effect is as a "fortunetelling" effect.
Rather than reveal the question and/or the number of the question, you answer the question.
For example, you would say "The cards say that your hard work will pay off this year when you get a big raise", instead of telling the spectator directly that they chose the question about getting a raise.
This can be really hilarious if you come up with comical fortunes that you can reveal for each numbered question.

Of course, this is a magic trick, and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Instant Fortuneteller cards
  • list of questions
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Read up a bit on numerology or astrology so that you have some buzzwords you can use when presenting this effect.

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