Inlaid Locked Box
Make a borrowed ring appear or disappear from inside a locked box!

Inlaid Locked Box


Make a borrowed ring appear or disappear from inside a locked box!


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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Here's an idea...

A beautiful inlaid box that also helps you perform some incredible magic!

Borrow a spectator's ring (the more valuable, the better!) and place the ring inside the box. Lock the box with the padlock, let the spectator pull on the lock to show that it is indeed locked. Cover the box for a mere second or two, then show that the ring is now in your hand!

But wait! The box is still locked! Use the key to open the padlock, then open the box to show that is indeed empty!

There's more! You can continue the routine by locking the empty box, then covering it with a cloth for just an instant. Then use the key to open the lock, open the box- and there is a ring, or any small item that will fit into the box. Perfect for presenting an engagement ring!

You can also use this clever box to produce a prize, a folded-up message on paper, or a bunch of silk scarves or pop-up spring flowers. Let your imagination go wild!

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