Incredible Shrinking Deck
Shrink a chosen card to miniature size, then shrink the whole deck!

Incredible Shrinking Deck


Shrink a chosen card to miniature size, then shrink the whole deck!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

An absolutely STUNNING card effect!

Though it looks impossible, it's actually SO EASY TO DO!

Follow this: your spectator selects any card from a regular sized deck.
After the card is placed back in the deck, it is found to now be HALF THE SIZE of the other cards in the deck!
But that's not the end of it!
When the entire deck is again spread out, THE WHOLE DECK has shrunk to miniature card size!
Of course, you end the trick by bringing everything back to normal again.

The manufacturer used to provide the instructions for this trick on a DVD.
The entire contents of the original instruction DVD is now ONLINE.
The manufacturer now provides all of the instructions for this trick via both printed instructions and an ONLINE VIDEO.
The link to the video is printed on the product packaging.

History and Trivia:

This effect is based on Micro Macro, created by Bro. John Hamman.

Interested in magic history? Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

Fair and Festival Magician
One Completely Awesome Trick - Keeps Them Guessing!!! The incredible Shrinking Deck is a special trick deck that let's you go back and forth from miniature to full size deck at will! Spectator's will be completely amazed, baffled and impressed! They'll be rubbing their eyes in disbelief! The special Trick Deck comes with everything you need, several extra extra gaff cards to extend the basic trick or make your own routine, and a excellent instructional video that covers every step of the routine. Having said that I actually prefer the routine that Peter demonstrates, but both routines are absolutely killer! Finish by doing a deck switch to a miniature deck (you can also get those at MagicTricks.Com) and hand the deck to the spectator for inspection!!! The Amazing Shrinking Deck will quickly become a staple of your Card Magic show, and a trick spectator's will come back to see time and time again!!!
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