Impossible Lock
Lock a borrowed ring, your spectator chooses the correct combination!

Impossible Lock


Lock a borrowed ring, then cause your spectator to mentally choose the correct combination!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

It really seems impossible!


Borrow a ring, lock it securely on a 4-digit combination brass lock and thoroughly mix the FOUR combination dials.
Your spectator can test that the lock cannot be opened.

Your spectator thinks of a 4-digit number.
When she is handed the lock, and then dials each number on the lock.
The numbers your spectator chose are the combination that opens the lock!

This clever effect is COMPLETELY MECHANICAL- no skill needed, and it is built to last.
Your spectator thinks of the number, your spectator rotates the dials, your spectator opens the lock- it's that simple!

It seems impossible!
But there is no force of any 4-digit pre-set numbers!
No electronics, magnets, buttons, switches, wires, gravity switch, timers, smoke or mirrors!

Nothing is added or taken away- except maybe your spectator's breath!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Deluxe brass combination lock (you get ONE lock- photo shows two)
  • printed instructions

You supply a ring- a borrowed one is best.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

It might be more interesting to ask them to think of the four digits of a special year.
Assure your spectator that you know the combination number. Then mentally "project" the number into the spectator's mind. Let the spectator dial the number he has mentally picked up from your thoughts.


Q: HI, I want know if is like the S.XX lock that you need put the numbers 1-9 as the 2 first digits, or really works with ANY 2 FIRST Digits? also is possible use diferents codes for example,select one person born in 2000, or 1975, as well? I need your answer ASAP, Thanks
Asked by: HUMBERTO - 9/21/2015
A: The first two digits are secretly set by you before the trick starts. They can be ANY two digits. And you can reset (change) the digits for the next time you do the trick. You can use 1-9 or 2-0 if you are going to get the number by asking the spectator the year in which they were born. You can also set it with any two digits, and say you are putting in your birth month (say November, so you would set it as 1-1) and then ask them to dial their birth month. Of course, you can also use any two digits for the first two, and use a magician's choice force to get the spectator to select those two digits. Answer provided by:  3dcartadmin (9/22/2015)

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