Illusion Coins + BONUS VIDEO
Make silver dollars appear, multiply, vanish at your fingertips! BONUS!

Illusion Coins + BONUS VIDEO


Make silver dollars appear, multiply and vanish at your fingertips!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE secret tips video


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Be a master coin manipulator in minutes!

Serious coin magic- without the effort. If you've ever wanted to do coin manipulations, but lack the time or skill, this PRO COIN SET is for you!

The illusion: Hold one silver dollar in your fingertips. Suddenly, you have TWO coins in your hand! Then THREE coins! Put two coins in your pocket- they reappear at your fingertips! Build a whole routine around coins appearing, multiplying and vanishing! It's EASY!

And this trick comes with a BONUS!
Buy the Illusion Coins from, and you'll get the password to our exclusive Illusion Coins BONUS VIDEO-
learn's owner Peter Monticup's personal handling tips and secrets for this great coin set!
Watch it right from this page!
Your BONUS VIDEO password will be mailed in your package with your trick.

These coins are COPIES of U.S. Morgan Silver Dollars.
These are NOT real dollars, though they look VERY real.
Each coin is embossed with "COPY" to comply with U.S. Treasury law. The embossing mark will not be visible from a distance- the illusion is very convincing.

Want to do this same effect with HALF DOLLAR coins? See our MULTIPLYING HALF DOLLAR COINS trick!

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