Houdini Palming Coin
Houdini Palming Coin - FRONT

Houdini Palming Coin


Use this collectible coin in your favorite routine!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Lightweight and legendary!


This is a very unique and lightweight coin with the portrait of Harry Houdini on one side, and an illustration of Houdini in chains on the reverse.
This coin definitely speaks "MAGIC"!

The coin is just a tiny bit larger than a US Half dollar coin.
That makes it really easy to handle, and easy for your spectator to enjoy the design.
Made of aluminum, the coin is very lightweight.
It handles very much like a half dollar size coin, and that is exactly how Peter Monticup uses his coin.
As he mentions in the demo above, this coin is a terrific coin to use to switch out with any regular coin, adding an interesting dimension to your coin routine.
With a nicely polished finish, the coin will retain its bright silver appearance, and the finish will not flake or tarnish like plated coins.

These coins are lightweight, but have enough body to make a good loud sound when used in the COIN BUCKET.

These coins do not come with any instructions.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Houdini Palming Coin
  • NO instructions

You supply your own trick or routine.
Coins are lightweight metal.
Slightly larger than a U.S. half dollar.
Edge is smooth, not reeded.
Bright silver color.

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