Houdini Envelopes Exhibit

Exhibit of Houdini Envelopes

Some of the envelopes Houdini saved from correspondence from
fellow magicians, fans and business contacts

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Houdini Envelope from mentalist W.E. Floyd
from mentalist W.E. Floyd
  Houdini Envelope from Robert Gysel
Robert Gysel
  Houdini Envelope to Professor Hoodena
to "Professor Hoodena"
Houdini's handwriting
Houdini's handwriting
  Houdini Envelope from American Society for Psychical Research
American Society for Psychical Research
  Houdini Bank Deposit Slip
Houdini's Bank Deposit
Houdini Envelope addressed to Bess
to Bess Houdini
  Houdini Envelope from Charles Hagen
Charles Hagen
  Houdini Envelope from Walter Gibson
Walter Gibson

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